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Developing a Radio Station

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What I did was join some active chat sites that didn't have anyone playing music. Then slowly introduce my station with minimal intrusion on the chat. Even better if they have a forum as well because then you can post when you are broadcasting and what kind of format you are offering. Ended up doing an almost regular night time show and really promoted the various holiday music. Once I did an 8 hour Christmas special.... oh my aching backside. I did a St. Patrick's Day special as well. It was great, had a ton of listeners and lots of really good feedback. Conversely, one of the chat sites I was playing music at (owners) didn't seem to like what I was doing even though most of the chatters were having a great time requesting songs and commenting. A few of the moderators commented that the site was never so active. The owners banned me.. hahaha.. go figure. Their loss I guess. I'm sure there are other ways to attract listeners; this was just one of my ways.... Good luck
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Broadcasting live from my truck, where ever I set my brakes for the night.
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