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Hive365 radio looking for new presenters.


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http://hive365.co.uk/ are looking for presenters (Male or Female) to join our amazing team.

WE GUARANTEE you will have MORE interaction than any other station within this forum via our Game Servers Plugin, Windows Media Player, Live Chat, Android app and our Windows7 Gadget (All On The Fly via our Custom Dashboard)

Please check our Schedule for available DJ Slots before applying


If you wish to apply to join our Presenting Team, please fill in the application form making sure you meet the requirements below;


- We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years

- A substantial music library is necessary as DJs & Presenters manage their own shows/music

- Adequate headset/microphone

- Experience with the broadcasting software of your choice.

- Your software can broadcast in ICECAST2 or SHOUTCAST in a MP3 format

- You need to have Teamspeak 3 - http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=teamspeak3

- What is your internet speed? http://speedtest.net/

- Minimum Schedule Commitment of 2 hrs a week

- Provide an audio voice clip (this may help http://vocaroo.com/)


Application Form:




Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as you can to ensure a swift response.


Thanks & Good Luck!

There is always time for coffee and tunes.
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Thank you to all that have alaready applied, we still have daytime slots available and a couple of midweek evening slots,

get intouch for your trial stream and jump on board with hive

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There is always time for coffee and tunes.
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