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Google Chrome VER 55 is not support shoutcast V1


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All radio station who use Shoutcast server V1

Are not supported Google Chrome VER 55


That is all the formats of these streams do not work from now


for example:;stream.mp3;stream/1;


FireFox & Microsoft Edge There is no problem with them



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Even your Listen live links will not work in the the new Chrome ver 55 update Philippe, I checked mine in Broadcasting World, Tunein and Shoutcast and the streams dont play. On the Google Chrome site they have now listed this is a bug.

RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

Click HERE to listen to the RAG-FM radio stream

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Reading through things, hopefully some of what I'm about to post will be helpful...



The key problem is that the 1.x (and 2.0x) DNAS don't provide a true HTTP response (it's HTTP-like but is prefixed with ICY instead of HTTP) and the change that Chrome has made means that those 'ICY' responses now fail to be handled as an older HTTP version (0.9 in this case).



Looking at the https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=669800#c6 some have either hex-edited the DNAS (which could cause issues if you don't trust the source of the 1.x DNAS - not that that's mattered too much with hacked versions floating around for years)


you can apply the Chrome tweak for Http09OnNonDefaultPortsEnabled but that itself may cause issues and is client dependent (which isn't the best solution going).



The 2.4x and newer DNAS shouldn't be affected as I'd changed them to send the HTTP identifier instead of the ICY identifier (which was needed anyway to improve HTML5 playback).



The 2.2x DNAS requires the icy=http parameter on the listener request url to have the HTTP compatible version provided.



For any other DNAS version (1.x or 2.0x), it's basically either try to edit the binary or use a different solution if moving to the 2.x DNAS isn't an option (bites tongue) or see if Chrome will do like Firefox, etc do and just automatically treat anything identified as ICY as HTTP (which tbh would be reasonable option due to the impact that this otherwise sensible change has caused).



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