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SAM does not send Title Streaming (Caption Template) with V2


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Hi all,


With ShoutCast DNAS v1 linux server when I would add text in the encoder next to $combine$


it would get outputted to the server and displayed on the ShoutCast server as:

Artist Name - Song DJ JOHNNY


Now with ShoutCast v2 (SHOUTcast Sever v2.4.7.256) it does not display that text after $combine$ only artist name and song. Does anyone knows how to fix it? because I'm using it to display DJ name on the website html5 player. Same is displayed on Shoutcast server web interface so the issue is not with the player

I'm using it with Centova Cast v3.2.7 if it matters.



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Have you tried quotes around the text? "DJ JOHNNY" If that fails you could always override the $combine$ with PAL.

{ PAL Script created by DJCassio 12/28/2016}
Pal.Loop := true;

var Song : TSongInfo;
var I : Integer;

Song := TSongInfo.Create;
Song['artist'] := ActivePlayer.GetSongInfo['artist'] + ' - ' + ActivePlayer.GetSongInfo['title'];
Song['title'] := 'DJ JOHNNY';
for I := 0 to Encoders.Count-1 do


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Rob Oyler

5280 Jazz

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Wow, thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for!


Neither double or single quotes around the text worked.

I've tried to make a small tweak with no luck.

Output is now displayed as follows: Artist Name - Song - DJ JOHNNY and I wanted to be Artist Name - Song >>DJ JOHNNY

Tried to replace ' - ' but I got this Artist Name >> Song - DJ JOHNNYs?

Any suggestion?

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