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Radio Production

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Hi RV,


The best is "Sound Ideas" ... however people have to buy full CDs or harddrives with their productions

However ... there is also a service "related" to Sound Ideas, known as "Stock Music"


You can search several chapters or choose Sound Effects or Production Elements

Discover the collections, listen to it ...


At first, You make an account

at http://stockmusic.com/


Afterwoulds you make your choices, You can buy effects starting from 2,99 USDollars

You can pay with PayPal or credit cards


Interesting is that both the WAV and mp3 version is added "and" saved to your account

So if you lost files, you can go back to your account to download your files at any time


In general by making a first order You gonna find into your account a pack of free elements, some scores etc


Notice :

Stock Music is owned by Sound Ideas, and that way SI sells their elements seperated :thumbup:


Good Luck !

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I know that website, and I'm familiar with Fiverr


Into my collection at my pc I have 22.000+ production elements ... so enough to create whatever people want

In fact too much, but I'm a freak :rolleyes:


Ever started my first broadcast in 1978

I've gotten some decent voiceovers from fiverr.

You also might check out audiojungle (audio version of themeforest): https://audiojungle.net

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