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Shoutcast V2 issue Current Listeners etc


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Hi fellow BW members,


It looks that a lot of broadcasters still experience some problems due the change to Shoutcast V2


These details gonna help you to solve it


- Broadcasters have at first to do this important thing ...

At the control panel of Your stream, change SC into SC V2 and manage the tab "AuthHash"

- If your software has problems in reading your current listeners (happens in SAM Broadcaster) ...

Than simply add into the config of the stats this = /stats?sid=1 ... looks as : PORT/stats?sid=1 ...

- The listen PLS, m3u etc needs also an adjustement ...

sourcefile looks as IP:8000/listen.mp3 ... (8000 = change to your port)

Than it gonna give the right commands to media players


Once this is all done, all problems are solved

It solves also the issues of playing online media players into Chrome etc

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