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Looking for radio stations to test our monetization services

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We're introducing a new monetization platform for webradios : http://www.openstream.co


How it works:

We insert pre-roll and mid-roll audio advertising in your stream (no graphic or video ads). Radios are paid on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis.


What we're looking for:

New users who can give us feedback and help us improving the services.


So if you run a webradio and want to make (more) money from it, we'd like to have you onboard!

To apply, you just need to know your stream URL.


Openstream is free, easy to use with no obligation.


We have lots of campaigns running right now and a dozen of radio stations already using the platform (Beta). Now we need to identify the frictions and make it as easy/fast/fun as possible for people to use it.


That's why we'd really appreciate your help! You can test OpenStream here : http://openstream.co/#/sign-up?bw


Fell free to ask if you have questions or comments. Suggestions are welcome too!


Thank you.


Olivier // OpenStream

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