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experienced dj looking to expand listenership


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Hello everyone. For those of you who haven't had the chance to view my profile message yet, my name is Mike. I am a dj on ACB Radio Interactive. We are an internet-based radio station that's run primarily by blind people. All djs broadcast from the comfort of our own homes and from various countries all over the world. Due to the compettative nature of Internet radio, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain listeners. As a result, some of our on-air personalities simulcast with other stations. I'm interested in extending my show to a wider audience. If any of you are station managers and would be willing to carry my show over your airwaves, feel free to email me at mbern6516@aol.com and I'll give you more details about my show. If you do allow me to simulcast with your station, I will certainly acknowledge your station's existence and the djs who work for you spacificly, as a way to show that although my show is based and originates from another station, I'm still willing to support my fellow djs all across the board. By simulcasting, not only would I be able to extend listenership, but it would also help to promote our station and the programming we have to offer as well as your station and the programming you offer thus, promoting both stations. If interested, please email me at the above email address. Hope to hear from you soon. Mike B,dj

ACB Radio Interactive where your listening is our business

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