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STL Question (Studio to Transmitter Link)

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We're upgrading our FM station due to obsolete technology. We have a good Wireless link between the studio and the transmitter (antenna) (it's about 500 meters)

What guys do you suggest for sending/receiving high quality audio signal between the studio and the transmitter? (Interested in softwares due to low budget)

Now i'm testing Fideliphone software it's seems pretty good and actually it's free.

The studio MASTER signal goes through a PC (with professional soundcard) and the Fideliphone is sending the signal to the transmitter over network (p2p/UDP). Another PC at the transmitter is receiving the stereo signal with Fideliphone, and processing it using (Breakaway Broadcast) and finally sends the processed signal to the FM Transmitter (via XLR connections)

My question is, what settings do you suggest for sending audio over IP (UDP), 44.100hz stereo, opus codec or PCM, and please also let me know if this system could work or not :)


Thank you!

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