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Sam Broadcasting PAL

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I was looking for Script to Program my Station with daily programming like this.

From 6am to 12pm Spanish

From 12pm to pm Istrumetal.

From 2pm to 5pm Spanish.

From 5pm t 8pm English.

From 8pm to 6am All File.


I like this programming every day Monday to Friday .


I created the clock weels, then the Events on Event Scheduler, but nothing happened, If I fire a clock well going to Config, then it works, but just play the one I fire forever it doesn't change to

the next one.


I really appreciate If some one can create a PAL script to do this



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Ola Rolando !


I suppose that you made seperated directories / folders ?

Such as : folder "Spanish", folder "instrumental" etc etc


If so, it's easy to use your Event Scheduler into SAM


Open new event > insert a name > choose "load new clockwheel" > Schedule time > click OK


If You set the time for the next clockwheel who has to run after the current clockwheel do it this way ...

- keep 4 songs in the queue

- set the script at xx:50:00 ... So 10 minutes before the TOTH

e.g. for your clockwheel 6 am to 12 pm = start that clockwheel at 05:50:00

*** Notice to insert the time as "Execute Every Day" ...

- after your TOTH has been played your new clockwheel gonna give all songs that you want of that genre


By the way ... This is a very good adjusted TOTH pal script :

{Wait for right time}

PAL.Loop := true;


{Clear queue}


Cat ['News (ALL)'].QueueTop(smLemmingLogic,NoRules);


function ActivePlayer:TPlayer;


if DeckA.Status = psPlaying then

Result := DeckA


Result := DeckB;



Notice the red details, this command makes that your queue gonna be cleared every hour at the TOTH

So ... that way Your new clockwheel starts always on top


I hope these details were useful to You

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