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Licensing for Facebook live streaming containing copyrighted music??

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Hello! I originally posted at https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10213273294647297 a few weeks ago but have not received any answers. I work in the Media Ministry department of a church Bread of Life in southwest Missouri, and I'm looking for some answers as to how we can get Facebook to not automatically take-down our live streams. We're willing to pay for royalties and licensing, but the question is how/where/to who? We want to be on good grounds and also make sure that Facebook won't disrupt a live stream. ;o
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With Facebook you will need to prove that you have permission from copyright holders to distribute copyright content on their site otherwise it will be taken down automatically. you will probably get away with YouTube live streaming as they have rights to share most stuff on there, but could still get a copyright take down notice if a particular record label objects to you sharing their music.


your best option is to set up a website to stream from independently.


You can pay royalties through ASCAP under a special license for churches and ministries - https://www.ascap.com/music-users/types/church-or-ministry . however if you aren't going to play copyright music then you don't need a license and you can stream over facebook, youtube and any other platform without a license.


I hope that helps




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