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Virtual DJ ~ Pros & Cons

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I love using VDJ, better then when I used Sam2


Pros of vdj:

- clean

- easy

- can changed skins to your likings

- can get addons for vdj


Cons of vdj:

- have to hunt for the 'auto dj' option lol

- the free version of vdj can't live broadcast, have to get the paid version of vdj.

- yes it is easy on some in vdj but vdj can be hard to learn all the knobs & controls lol



Would I recommend vdj to others? Yes I would. Don't get me wrong about special audio SAM Broadcaster, I loved it but it was time to move on to better broadcasting proggies :)


For anyone that wants to use vdj, try the free version before paying for the pro version of the proggy. Then after, see what you think of it, ie; does it work for you, easy for you or can you part with the proggy that you been using before vdj came into the scene! You can make your own judgement on it after you tested it :)


Visit their site:


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