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What is "Bose Monitoring Service" User Agent


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After a search into several forums, also those in the German language I learned that it is a ""Monitoring Service" of "Amazon Web Services"

This should be the link to their website :



However, for reason of the brand name "Bose", it doesn't point to a German IP but to an USA located IP

Very common should be this one :

United States Ashburn Bose Monitoring Service

Visit and listen @ BW !



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Here is their response after I emailed them:


We have a service that monitors web radio streams that our customers listen to on Bose devices. We log the metadata that is provided in the audio stream for on-screen display and stream profiling purposes, we are not ripping, relaying, or storing the audio content in any way. The purpose of this service is to help our users find the web radio streams that they will enjoy the most. Our systems only monitor publicly accessible stations using a catalog provided by a company that indexes web radio streams.


We have the ability to permanently remove streams from our systems on request. Let us know the name(s) of any stations you would like us to block. Alternatively, you can disallow the "Bose Monitoring Service (BoseMonitoringService@bose.com)" player from accessing the stream or ignore it in your reports reporting services. User controlled devices that are listening to the stream do not identify as "Bose Monitoring Service" so there is no impact on human listeners if you block the monitoring client.


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bose monitoring service won't track online radio and have us arrested will they?


Only if you're running your station as Pirate... Then you might run the risk of being arrested and having you computers taken.


I don't think there's anything sinister in this user agent myself, But then again User agents can sometime be faked.

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"Amazon Web Services" I have visited on my live camera website , and now with shoutcast server v2 "bose monitoring service"

I will try bloc his IP and see what happen.....


A quick Google will reveal what AWS is.

I would advise against blocking these IP's as they collect data useful for listing/playing your station on various services/devices.

Bose Monitoring Service is used to monitor your streams. If you block or limit this user agent, your stream will not appear in the Base Soundtouch service. AWS is used by over 35% of the web (services such as Netflix and other large companies, Broadcasting World even uses it!).

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