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ASCAP vs Stream Licensing

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Just can't believe the soap opera that is going on today with ASCAP and Stream Licensing.


Hundreds of comments on Facebook:



Film at 11.

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Yeah just saw that, incredible. Hello 2011 again (SWcast)!


Hopefully Streamlicensing does the right thing for their customers, if I was a customer, I would be demanding a refund for the ASCAP portion of payments for however many months they have failed to pay ASCAP. Will be interesting to know how long this has been going for.


Renegotiations for a new agreement between SL and ASCAP could take months. A very sticky situation.



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SL's owner responded on the Facebook group SCS posted with an update:


StreamLicensing learned today that ASCAP has sent messages to our affiliates to the effect that you should signup directly with them for music licensing of their libray. ASCAP has taken this action without notifying us. Such contractual interference is more than troubling. StreamLicensing has been working with representatives of the performance rights company regarding what we believe is an inaccurate data count that impacts what we pay to ASCAP. That matter has not been resolved but the unilateral action was taken anyway.


We are in the process of reaching our ASCAP contact and urge you to stick with us as we work out a satisfactory resolution that protects you and your streaming service and the legal rights of our company.




Antonio M. Hernadez

Chirman of the Board


Should be interesting to hear the outcome. ASCAP's statements seem to imply that the contracted agreement between them has been cut already. I guess we will find out.

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  • 1 month later...

This a letter sent to Clients of the above described 3rd party licensing company.

This was sent by ASCAP to SL clients.

Can we just start to understand the truth. SL and the others are evil, take your money and get YOU in trouble.

They did this to me 2 years ago and they are doing it again.

Here is the letter:



We're writing to follow up on our two previous communications regarding Streamlicensing and the opportunity to obtain a license agreement directly from ASCAP.


In light of false and misleading information being disseminated by Streamlicensing, it is important to consider these facts:


Streamlicensing's ASCAP license agreement was terminated by ASCAP on June 30, 2017, for breach, including Streamlicensing's failure to pay any license fees (on your behalf) for more than eight months.


Despite claiming it's conducting an "internal audit," Streamlicensing has not furnished ASCAP with any information concerning its metric tracking, reporting or fee calculations or made any proposals.


Streamlicensing has not responded to any of ASCAP's numerous communications about its breach nor engaged ASCAP in discussions regarding a resolution.


As a result of its failure to pay fees, ASCAP does not anticipate issuing - nor is it obligated to issue - a new license to Streamlicensing.


Termination of Streamlicensing's ASCAP license agreement means that it can no longer grant the authority to its broadcast affiliates to publicly perform ASCAP music. Any statements to the contrary - including any statements on Streamlicensing's website implying that the service remains "ASCAP Licensed" - are false.


In the absence of a license, publicly performing ASCAP music may consitute copyright infringement.


We understand that Streamlicensing's actions are an inconvenience to customers like you. We want you to know that obtaining your own ASCAP license is easy and affordable. Just click on this link: https://licensing.ascap.com/?type=digital and you can be fully licensed in a few simple "clicks" for a low, annual flat fee and no reporting.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (212) 621-5698 or email mdemagistris@ascap.com.


Thank you!


ASCAP New Media Licensing Team



I license my stations directly through all 4 American PROs.

I never have any trouble. They are all quite polite and very willing to help correct problems.


Please, understand this:

1. ASCAP has nothing to gain by "getting rid" of the future of radio, new media!

2. The real problem are ALL the 3rd party licensing services, why would trust these contracts and relationships to someone who does not communicate with you?

3. Why are you paying for some other company's business model?

4. Why do these "services" take your adds?


After asking and answering these questions myself I licensed directly.










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