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Phat Beats Radio Now Has A Phone App

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My internet radio station Phat Beats Radio now has a phone app :shifty: I am using the free plan with this app it is a little limited what you can do with the app and it is has a lot of ads hey it is free. Just another way to promote my internet radio station. After I set everything up with the site once the app was sent to Apple it took like 3 to 4 days to accept the app Google took like 14 to 16 days to accept the app and Blackberry has not been accept yet who cares about blackberry any way. If you want the link to get your own app to just send me a pm.


Android https://goo.gl/3NpTQK


ISO https://goo.gl/5Y7q1a

Phat Beats Radio playing Rap Hiphop RnB Soul Funk Reggae Chillhop Acid Jazz Blues from the 1970s to early 2000s over 96k traxx playlist streaming at 96kbps AAC+ from Houston TX http://www.phatbeatsradio.com
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