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has anyone got a working script were djs can login everytime there on the air

and the script changes to there image?


now i don't know if this is a software programming or what

as i use sam broadcaster now i don't know if sam does this type of thing or not i just don't know

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Not that i'm aware of. SAM does not support any kind of login system.


A few years ago, when Habbo was at it's peak, some people made DJ control panels using PHP where DJ's could log in and change various things such as song being played and their DJ names. But these were wildly insecure and unfortunately aren't around anymore.


I am developing some software that would cater to this need but it is still in development at this stage. It handles show scheduling, run checks and DJ's are able to be set up as users and are able to log in.

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ok dude would that software be able to change the dj image as well? and i used to be on habbo as well haha how wierd


but yea no that's probably how 106themix did there images by the logging into that control panel haha....... but please let me know when you have made it so i can have a look....

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