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Net Station looking for stream from home presenters


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Freenet Radio is looking for volunteer Presenters to put out their own show on our platform. We have a promising internationally available station with multiple listening options, making it easy for listeners to tune in. We will promote your show within our website and 3rd party apps, and we will provide support to get you started even if you are a total novice.



You will need....



A stable broadband connection 1mb upload or higher

A fairly modern PC ( or mac but we cannot give support) in a suitable room to give privacy while on air

Some software to stream to our shoutcast server i.e. Sam Broadcaster, Winamp plugin etc

A reasonable mp3 music collection (depending on how long your show is going to be)

A microphone and probably some headphones.

Time to spare to put into your show on and off air.

Speak good English ( we are a UK based station)



Regular slots are available on a first come first served basis.



For more information or to show interest, please visit http://www.freenetradio.co.uk and use the contact us page.

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