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i would like to know how we can work on getting our listeners for our radio station,


we get at least 4 or 5. were on the radio directory and were advertising on social media such as facebook twitter instagram as well

and how can we get in touch with our listeners


we don't have a mobile phone for the station we have skype and thinking of getting yahoo messenger as well.


i coded our wonderful website myself from scratch.


its http://urban-radio.co.uk


we also have a mobile app as well.



and i'm doing spreaker shows and they upload to soundcloud and youtube as well


so any suggestions.

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Internet radio is an extremely crowded space. As far as suggestions, what differentiates your station from the thousand other station playing the exact same thing? Visiting your website does not tell me what you are currently playing, there are images that are not showing up shows me the owner doesn't care, why do I have to listen just to find out what you are playing when I can go somewhere else that at least shows me what is playing and has has recently played. If I decide to stay on your site what is there for me to do? What keeps me engaged in your site and the music you play. Can I rate songs? Can I comment on songs? Can I interactively request songs? Is there a way for me to communicate with other listeners/page visitors on the station? Figure these things out and promote them heavily wherever you can to try to gain a following.


Rob Oyler

5280 Jazz

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Good advice SmoothJazz!


Particularly that last sentence. The last internet radio station I worked with had everything else you stated, but did an incredibly poor job at promotion. DJs got disheartened by going on air and having as little as 2-3 listeners because the word didn't get out. The DJs started skipping shows because of that, or even just leaving the station all together.


Some of the things I can remember we had are:



Request/shout out System

Teamspeak server

DJ Schedule with show names and genres

Now Playing with current DJ/Show Name onair displayed

Various ways to tune in via links for an embeded player, winamp, vlc, wmp etc.


Everything was easily accessible from the homepage of the website. None of it did any good in the end because nobody was promoting the station. We had other problems as well, but much of that was due to frustration in the team due to low listener counts.

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i have the same problem. i created Iconic FM http://ifmradio.co.uk. And ive spent a while putting it up on the directories. advertising it on social media facebook twitter.


And i have the basic chatroom. we have skype. and we have other ways to contact in during one of the dj shows. but in a record. we get only 5-6 listeners daily.


I often wondered why it was so low. any suggestions guys?

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I'm no expert, but I would suggest trying some advertisement trading with local businesses (i.e. Pubs and restaurants). Print some fliers to leave with them, and see if you can get them to play your station for their guests. For that, you promote their business on air. Some Pubs may even allow you to do a live broadcast from their location. You can then promote that on your site and on social media. Of course, you will probably need a good amount of professional DJ equipment for that last option.


Just some food for thought.

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