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Streamlining the Broadcast Workflow


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Hi everyone,



I just came across an interesting topic related with Streamlining the Broadcast Workflow having visited a page about an IBC (International Broadcast Conference) which will be held in Amsterdam for 5 days this September, the page is this one: https://www.blackbox.co.uk/gb-gb/page/34251/Resources/News-and-Events/Events/Visit-Black-Box-at-IBC/



I found out that there's this type of signal extension technology called KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) Extension which might benefit Prost Production in the sense of streamlining editing process.

Among my findings I noticed that this KVM extension/ switching technology allows to extend and route the peripheral signals of a computer across multiple distances. A basic search across the web brings up these as the main benefits applied to broadcast and post production:



- Streamline our workflows, we are now able to have multiple positions in each edit suite

-Facilitate end content acquisition and playout through efficient management and distribution of A/V and peripheral signals at all stages of the broadcast workflow

-Point-to-point extension to mirror/duplicate source connections to multiple suites allowing collaborative rather than silo based workflows across large productions



Would like to know your thoughts on this, have you used KVM to streamline your post production process efficiency?








Miguel Afonso

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I can't speak to everything you are talking about, but I don't think a KVM is what you think it is. KVM's have been around for a very long time. I have used them at work for years. They simply allow you to connect multiple computers to a single Keyboard, Video (Monitor), and Mouse device and switch between them. So, multiple computers accessible via a single keyboard, monitor and mouse setup. Some have a button to switch between computers, and/or keyboard shortcuts. I'm not really sure how you would intend to use a KVM in "streamlining the editing process". Their primary function is to save desktop space for people who need to use more than 1 PC at a time.
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