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New with questions about doing an audio sports broadcast

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Hello everyone. I am looking for some tips or insight on how I can go about broadcasting our local high school's sporting events online.

I am not very technically savvy but am interested in volunteering for the school to allow parents to hear the event if they cannot make it.


What would be the strategy from soup to nuts in how to get this up and running. I am funding it on my own.


Questions I have are such as what equipment would you suggest I purchase.


What website should I host it on?


What sort of internet connection is needed to make it happen.


Eventually I would love to give kids in the school an opportunity to then broadcast the games themselves so they can get some cool experience.


I know how to announce the games having done it 20 years ago in college but in this day and age need more direction on how to get it live online.


This would just be radio or audio only and not televized.


Thanks for any insights, just looking for what your strategy would be.

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