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Audemat Silver 4B FM Audio Processor

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Hi there in radioland. We have some problems with the sound of you station. We are using the above processor. The problem is that it is a legacy model and bought used, so no support. Can someone with the knowhow take a listen to our station at come with critic. It seems like the sound goes in waves. Alot of highend to not so much highend every 10 sec. It depends on the volume in the track. I have tried to mess around with the limiter but no luck. And also the sound sounds very center. Not mono but not that much stereo… Please help…

Best regards


Jess Pedersen

Easy FM


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Arhh sorry. Forgot the link :-)




Well my current settings is the soft ac preset. With a little modfications. But no so many modifications that it could mess the sound up that hard. I would think that the presets would sound at least ok. But the high freq is going up and down if alot is going on in the music.

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