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Established Radio Station Available to New Owners - Apply Within

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Hey chaps,



As a quick introduction, I am the founder of Strictly House (formerly 247House) - https://strictly.house. We are an Internet radio station network (Icecast) specialising in house music. We have four channels and have around 250-300 listeners across all channels on a regular basis. I believe we are one of the biggest house music radio stations in the market (copy station stats attached for the live channel for the last 30 days).



http://radio.strictly.house:9500/ - Live and the main channel

http://radio.strictly.house:9502/ - Deep channel

http://radio.strictly.house:9505/ - Tech channel

http://radio.strictly.house:9506/ - Classic channel



Our live channel features a combination of live DJs as well as pre-recorded sets via autoDJ. The Deep / Tech / Classic channels are all pre-recorded sets.



Due to work constraints, I am finding it harder and harder to manage the radio station in a professional and timely manner and wonder whether there would be anyone here interested in taking the station over for personal reasons or for other professional reasons?



The person(s) can do whatever they like with the brand, however I would like to see some form of professional strategy before I hand the keys over! This has been a personal hobby that's flourished over the years and I've got some good relationships with the DJs that I'd like to maintain. Here are some ideas that I've had, but never got round to developing:


  • Shop - easily setup
  • Record label - easily setup - time consuming long term
  • Regular DJ night within a large city - requires someone with good contacts



I host the radio stations on a private dedicated server so there will be no costs involved for the new owners.



We are listed on most of the relevant directories, iTunes, TuneIn, AppStore etc... A LOT of the initial and developmental work has already been carried out. We have a number of reputable DJs on our schedule and have a good reputation in the field.



For the individual that takes over the radio station, I would be looking for someone that has the following attributes:


  • Earlier experience of managing a radio station (preferably Icecast)
  • Experience with Wordpress
  • Knowledge of streaming clients (i.e. Nicecast / BUTT)
  • Photoshop experience
  • Well organised
  • Motivated
  • Leadership skills
  • Some regular spare time that can be assigned to the station!



I hope this meets you well and look forward to some interest! This could be a great opportunity for someone looking to work within the house music industry.



Glenn Cooper

Strictly House


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 14.37.01.jpgScreen Shot 2017-12-06 at 15.15.03.jpg

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