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Zara radio help


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Hi all


i have a friend who has had zara radio installed on his streaming computer he is broadcasting live through winamp/shoutcast now he says that he used to be able to play zara radio through winamp via the soundcard option then through a channel on the mixer but since his pc crashed zara radio only work when taking winamp off soundcard. i have never used zara nor winamp personally so im no help to him.


he just wants to go back to playing zara without having to switch winamp over any ideas.

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Sounds like he could do with using a Standalone piece of encoding software that would pick the audio up from Zara and stream it out to a shoutcast/icecast server.




Although why he wants to use Zararadio when there are better pieces of automation out there is beyond me.

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Guest badgerboy

Scheduling and using .seq files. in Zara Radio



Some people are having problems setting up .seq files and how they can be used effectively within Zara

What I wanted to do was have a small bio, eg “This is the story of ….....” and play a prerecorded file of that artist, and the next time the bio is played then another file would play of that artist. I use this system, and it has proved very reliable,



The example below is for one artist only, you can create as many artist set ups as you like

OK....here's what you do..



Create a new file on your C: drive, call it Bio-Songs

In bio songs, create a sub folder called Alan Jackson Songs

Place into Alan Jackson Songs, 10 song files of Alan Jackson.

Again in Bio-Songs, create another folder and call that Alan Jackson bio Information

Record your bio information, and save it to Alan Jackson bio Information.




Open Zara and go file>new

from your left column in Zara, locate Alan Jackson bio Information, and inset that file into the playlist area.

Then from the playlist column (top of page) insert random song and insert Alan Jackson Songs

Now save those two files (now in the playlist area) as Alan Jackson final . making sure they are saved as .seq file and is saved into the Bio-Songs(main folder)




Open up your events, select a time or whatever time you wish that file to be played, and insert Alan Jackson final seq. and save.



Now on the Zara front page, when that time comes around, the file will play, and every time the files is played, it will play the Alan

Jackson bio Information file first followed by the next track in the Alan Jackson Songs file.


Hope this helps guys

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