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OpenBroadcaster supports Axia Livewire RTP protocol


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Jan 23, 2018 – OpenBroadcaster releases open source software to provide Livewire\RTP support with Axia Audio over IP (AoIP) consoles. This exciting added functionality presents the opportunity to easily field, deploy and integrate standalone OBPlayer into the AoIP broadcast chain with CAP EAS emergency alerts. This innovation builds on the suite of web-enabled general software and automation appliances with online media libraries, community play lists, multi-station scheduling and streaming.


OBPlayer sends a multicast RTP stream that appears as a channel on Axia AoIP consoles. The outgoing digital stream from the console station is ingested into our systems, sent to an Icecast server where a BARIX unit at the transmitter site plays out on radio. This means the stream is 100% digital from OBPlayer to console, up through STL (Studio Transmitter Link) to the Barix exstreamer at the transmitter site.




  • Solid state fanless infrastructure reduces station clutter, AC power loads and hardware failures
  • Web friendly 100% digital audio on a quality Axia platform for a cleaner signal path
  • Easy to integrate additional studios and equipment with Livewire, RTP and Ravenna protocols

Since its incorporation in 2005, Open Broadcaster Inc. has offered hardware, software and streaming solutions to help our clients be effective at any scale of operation.


[h=2]Broadcast Innovation[/h] Open Source software assists community media and commercial broadcasters with accessible tools to spread their message on-air and on-line. This innovation was developed over two years in Vancouver, Saskatchewan and Whitehorse. The new public Ver 5x series source code, documentation and installation instructions are available on Github for all to use.




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