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Hey Guys,

Basically I have a commentary team - one guy in UK (Location A), one guy in the US (Location B).

The cameras/footage I want to broadcast would be streamed from my location. But there are only two outputs from the footage I want to broadcast. Out of those two outputs are different camera angles. I would capture those, but I want commentators to see the footage I'm capturing, then send it straight to YouTube, so it's live.

I want the commentary team to see the footage that I control from (Location C), capture their voices and stream it all to YouTube.... *NOTE* the commentators cannnot see the video feeds, the issue I have is getting them to see the footage I'm capturing, then commentate over it.

In essence:

Location A + Location B = Commentators (perhaps using Discord)

Location C = The footage is coming from here

Capture and stream to YouTube.

Here's a diagram to explain what I'm trying to achieve:


My question is - how can the commentators see the footage I'm controlling/capturing, commentate on it, whilst I control the footage and then push it to YouTube.

Many thanks!

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