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free radio show for house music lovers already on air on different radios


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hello to all ....

I present "Free Zone", a free program of house music (deep house, future house, house, progressive house, tech house, etc. etc.) mixed ..... where between a mix and the other is announced (by the speaker), the author and the title of the track that is going on air.

The program lasts 25 minutes, usually 8 tracks are mixed and will be provided every week.

You can listen to the demos at the following links ......






for any further information or interest in having the program, you can contact me on

my e-mail


The program is already on air on this radio:

www.radiosplash.it on friday from 00,10 utc+1(cet)

www.radioondadue.it on friday from 23,40 utc+1(cet)

www.radiortm.it on friday from 23,00 utc+1(cet)

www.radiosole.eu on saturday from 00,40 utc+1(cet)

www.radioretecentrale.it on saturday from 23,00 utc+1(cet)


Many Thanks.

Best Regards,

Paolo Manfrè





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