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Direttore Mixtime 4.0 Broadcast "Artist seperation" does not work

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We are using on 2 different computers (Windows 7 & Windows 10 ) Direttore Mixtime 4.0 Broadcast.


A great problem is the artist seperation on both computers.


The "Artist seperation" is not working at all with 2,3 or sometimes 4 times exactly the same artist in 1 hour is played.


We are using as suggested; artist[space]-[space]title

Our database is filled with about 1000 tracks in the same folder.

Minimum distance was set on 500, but is now set on 800.

Even the same track is played again within 24 hours.




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Hi Herbert,


Welcome to BW !


I have visited their website (http://www.mixtime.com) and it looks to Me a kind of almost free mix between Proppfrexx and cheap software.

Screenshots show Me a very basic scheduler (clockwheel / format)

I suppose that the software works (almost) perfect if different playlists are sheduled (tab : Planner)


To be honest ... 1000 tracks ain't that much

However if You are able to insert more tracks (e.g. 5000+) than it would be interesting to use different seperated directories / folders

example :

MusicGenre 01

MusicGenre 02

Station ID

MusicGenre 03

MusicGenre 04

MusicGenre 05

Station ID

MusicGenre 02

etc etc ...


Anyway, be patient please ... fellow BW members are developing their own software, and maybe they can help You with the right technical details


Good luck !

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Hi GKlye, thanks for the info.


Indeed 1000 aren't that much, but this is only a test setting in the studio , in the near future it will be used for Radio broadcast.

At a later time we're also using different folders, but first the "Artist seperation" problem has to be solved before going any further.

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