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Voice Over needed dry and non dry

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hello i currently relaunched my radio station called Sky Wave FM im currently in need for some voiceovers / jingles if you can be creative enough i just need some which says

Line 1:Your Listening to SkyWaveFM

Line 2: follow us on facebook and twitter

Line 3:Join us online at skywavefm.com


take ur time making these i no its a little much to ask for but i heard good things about this site which i will be using more often and for the back tracks of the sweepers/jingles can you do one like threw the years of music and a few with sci-fi and dry ones please

i really appreciate this


many thanks




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be more clear
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Thanks for contributing some worthless posts on BW just to reach your 10+ post limit.

Im sure we all want to discuss the importance of pizza, the Icecast vs SHoutcast debate was settled almost 10 years ago on this forum and thanks for showing your minuscule interest of TV streaming.


10 worthless posts does not constitute enough for a free voiceover. I would suggest requesting a quote from a voiceover artist on voices.com to see how much a voiceover really costs.

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