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sam broadcaster request and autodj

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hi there is there anyway of linking sam broadcasters requests up to the autodj, then when people request that specific request goes strait onto the playlist&requests?

then when a specific dj goes on the air the requests set to that dj, then when people request to that dj it goes into sam

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How many more times do we need to tell you this? You have no hope of achieving what you want to do you're on a free PHP website host if memory serves and they won't allow you port 3306/1221 access.


You can't even grasp the basics of software let alone setting up a PHP website/server.


You're going to have to go away and figure things out by yourself by searching places like the Spacial forums.


P.S: No one and I mean no one is going to help you anyway because your using a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster v4.2.2 which has ben demonstrated on several occasions. Don't say it isn't because we all know it is.

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