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Every Programmer Must Be a Publicist

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Some great ideas for promoting your independent radio station:



Every Programmer Must Be a Publicist





The article is aimed at small community radio stations but many of the ideas can be used by Internet radio stations.

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I read the article twice to better absorb some of these interesting ideas:



"It is long past time when a community...DJ...can simply show up to do their show and expect to have an audience."



"Everyone who has a radio show bears the responsibility to build an audience for that show, and their station."



"Programmers should have expertise in what they present, which also means they should be connected to the communities that share the same interest..."



"In a world where most individuals have personal networks of dozens to thousands of people...your station has a far larger network of potential listeners than you might realize."



"When a station recruits new programmers, doing this kind of publicity should be an expectation."



"If a programmer says there isn’t a...community of interest that pertains to their program, then it begs the question: why does it deserve airtime? Who does it serve if there are no listeners?"



Each of these ideas could be expanded to a chapter in a book which I hope Paul Riismandel will one day write. :)

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