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DJs Wanted for Xtra

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Hi all

We run a radio station called iconic extra we play a variety of music but we are looking for some more DJs to join the team.

Ideally we would like people that play a specific genre of music. I.e country, rock and roll, garage etc


If you think you have what it takes then get in touch with us at iconicextra.com hope to hear from you soon

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At this point, I have been in broadcasting business for over 10 years, within that time, I have been awarded Dj of the Year, Radio Personality (Radio Host) of the month, and been selected to join many different organizations that strive to build a strong connection between gospel music and community advocacy.


I blessed to host 2 shows: (1) Power360 Christian Hip Hop Radio Show and (2) Rize and Grind Morning Radio Show.

Both shows play a variety of gospel music from old time greats, urban gospel, christian gospel rock, and christian hip hop. I am very interested in your program, so I am hoping to hear from you and will answer all questions that is asked. You can reach me at www.praize365.net

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