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WaveSteaming / Radio.co / StreamLicensing And What To Do

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Hey Everyone


I have a number of stations I operate and have used WaveSteaming on the hosting/streaming side for years and license through StreamLicensing.


Wavestreaming is discontinuing their servers this year and pushing everyone to Radio.co. Radio.co looks like a beautiful product BUT they don't work with StreamLicensing. The two companies won't support each other. I've talked to support for close to a year now and it's not working.


So, my options are to go with Radio.com and license directly (gross) or move stream providers.


Are there ANY station operators out there that run their stations in the United States (important) and have navigated this exact issue by chance that can offer some advice to me? Solutions? Working with PROs directly? Other streaming companies that work with StreamLicensing? Trying to get some real-world advice from station owners outside of tech support for these companies only interested in their bottom lines.



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