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Using a .fm domain sounds great, however if you use a .com or .net that can be also very useful.


At BW You shall find several stream providers who offers also a domain service.

At their websites You can make a domain name search, add them to your cart and pay them in a secure way.


Good luck with your project !

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fernandofg... I used to have one of my stations on a .fm domain for years and then they jacked the price so high that I couldn't afford it. It's not worth it, get the .com if you can. I regret not doing it and now it is not available so I had to settle for a .net domain.. just my two cents worth.

Dead to Self Radio https://deadtoselfradio.com Christian rock/metal

Fuel Radio https://fuelradio.net Christian hard music


Old headbangers never die, they just turn to MOSH!!!

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