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Listerners Bandwidth

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Hi everybody, any advise will be appreciated


I will create an account in shoutcast in order to start broadcasting music from my computer


I have my own VPS server and my website (still under development)


My download speed is fast but my upload speed sucks. Sorry for this dumb question but I want to know whats happens when I have 100 or 200 or whatever listeners on my website, where are they consuming the bandwidth? from my upload Internet connection? or from my server connection? like I said I will be streaming from my PC



Thanks in advance

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You can also if you're using the more recent v2.x DNAS (which is likely if you're setting up things new) to look at it's bandwidth admin page which shows you what it's using so you can experiment to see what is actually used for different aspects like client connections & source connections & a few other things.


Sure the bandwidth calculators give you an idea but I found it better to just know what is actually being used from direct testing instead of guessing.



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I'm lucky enough to have symmetrical gigabit fibre at home and even I won't bother with hosting my own streams. Plenty of great and dirt cheap stream hosts out there. I'm quite content to let them handle the heavy lifting and cope with the eventual DDoS attacks.

Squirrel FM : Always playing with our nuts!


Studio systems running RadioDJ, PlayoutONE, & Rivendell

Flow 8 Deck & PlayIt Cartwall for live mixing and assist.

Remote systems running RadioDJ

Pioneer DDJ-SX control surface.

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