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Marketing and branding on social platforms

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How you use any social platform for talking about your website and shows is crucial. I don't use or have anything to do with any of these digital marketers who claim they can help increase your audience and get the word out about your show.


It is all rubbish. None of them take the time to get to know anything about your show and don't even seriously study your website. They will only create generic ads and convince you to spam out e-newsletters. They know nothing for how social platforms work. Especially nowadays. Twitter, facebook and others have been constantly changing how their news feeds push out content. The fees these marketers charge is absolutely ridiculous. Save your money. Take the time to do your own marketing and branding on any platform.


I have been using social platforms for my website and shows for years and will try different types of posts to see what gets more attention and click through. It is trial and error. Also you can't do the same thing for example on twitter that you would do on facebook. Other social platforms for example instagram and pininterest are not effective for all types of shows and websites. You need to first use the platform personally see how the content is pushed on the news feed and see what others are posting and commenting on.

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