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should i start again???

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I have nearly 20 years experience in internet radio. It has been one of the things i love in this world,it's where my passion lies. I had to leave it for a couple years and now i'm back.


but with the changing industry, it worries me.with all the streaming sites like spitify how much has internet radio suffered? is shoutcast still giving us hopeless dreams? I do a weekly show and i'm getting ready to buy a new mic, dbx channel strip and all. I have one station that wants to bring me back, but that could be the start.I'm hoping that other stations will follow. the station that wants me back says they still have plenty of listensers, but I wonder if this is true or if he wants to make his station more popular. What do you think? is internet radio still worthy of my mind,heart, body and soul? not to mention so much of my money?


im even considering starting my own station again, what do you think? just seems doing my own show instead is a route that would cause me less headache.

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If you are US based, Royalty options are down to just 2 offerings, ProNet Licensing and Live365 with the recent closure of StreamLicensing. Neither of the survivors are very appealing price wise. ASCAP and SoundEchange are on a mission to drive independent broadcasters out of the market by demanding more and more for Royalties with no end in sight. Much less hassle to do a weekly show and let the host broadcaster worry about royalties. After 14 years of independent broadcasting I am giving Live365 a try for 30 days to see what is like today.


Rob Oyler

5280 Jazz

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IMHO no to much competition and streaming services like Itunes Spotify and deezer are killing internet radio. Wait a few years when cars get radios that can connect to internet radio stations then you will be good to go again. I run a Rap Hiphop Rnb Soul Funk Reggae station on and off for a while the last 2.5 years listeners have dropped off to almost nothing and I have promoted my station a decent amount.
Phat Beats Radio playing Rap Hiphop RnB Soul Funk Reggae Chillhop Acid Jazz Blues from the 1970s to early 2000s over 96k traxx playlist streaming at 96kbps AAC+ from Houston TX http://www.phatbeatsradio.com
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