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Important! Twitter Banning Auto Posting Accounts


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Bad news for anyone using the Shoutcast now playing to Twitter scripts!


It appears Twitter have started banning accounts that auto publish things like now playing information.


This was a post on the Winamp forums.


After having my station posting to Twitter for 10 years, my account has been suspended.


I went through the appeals procedure, only to be sent a generic e-mail saying my account had breached multiple violations of their terms of service, and don't contact us again comment.


I appealed again asking what the violations were [i police my account carefully] and got the same generic reply.


So Twitter suspends you without a proper reason, and won't talk about it. Thanks Twitter.


Let that be a warning to those who think using Twitter to promote your station is a good idea.


So its time to stop those scripts automatically posting information otherwise you might find you Twitter account suspended


Just warning people... don't shoot the messenger!

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