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Guest Crabislandradio

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Guest Crabislandradio

hey all thanks for all the views on previous threads. I decided to use Radio Boss instead of Zara.

Right now I am having a crazy issue and I am not sure if its radio boss or my sound board. I submitted a ticket for help from Radio Boss yesterday but they have yet to get back to me.



Radio boss is playing all my music as if the mic button is depressed even though it is not. Every word said at all times is being picked up by the mic unless I have the mute button depressed. The music is to quiet due to radio boss thinking the button is depressed.


My soundboard is a Profx8V2. I used a youtube video to get it hooked up and make sure everything works. I have radio boss set to [WASAPI] microphone (usb audio codec) This is how the video said to set it up and it works great. The next thing that was set was the broadcast console was also set to the same settings so that the music could be controlled through the soundboard. As a side note the voice that comes through the mic has an echo. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this? Also would anyone be willing to call me so that this can get fixed rather than message try it reply wait get reply try it rereply wait. You know the routine.

Thank you

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Guest Crabislandradio

As a side note maybe I am not realizing that the system is working properly just different than I expected. Maybe I should just be using the mute line button for the mic and that is the right way when using a sound board.


If any one lives in the Fort Walton Beach Crestview Florida area and has been running a radio station please reply

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A great idea can be to give it a go with ProppFrexx.

These days its very often used at stations worldwide.

At first You can get used to it by using the demo version, however You gonna get every 3 minutes a beep, it gives the opportunity to discover the software.

It can be used both as live studio software and at home.

If used at home, it is mostly used to add VT's (voicetracks) to a show. If all is set and done the user can upload the adjusted playlist who includes the voicetracks of the host to the server of the station.

The mic chain contains several tools such as EQ, AGC, compressor etc and / or You can add Your own DSPs to the chain.

The mic works with a simple "line in".

If used live, music can be muted by using "F2" who mutes the music untill -12db (however -13db gives better results).

So no more worries about feedback and / or reverb, bad connections ...


It takes a while to learn all settings, but once You understand the way it works its a great software to make or produce your shows.

If You like what You see and get, than You can buy a license ... Meanwhile You can discover it.

Be sure to download the right version, 32bit or 64bit, otherwise Your pc gonna create conflicts with the software.

You can download the demo at this link : https://www.proppfrexx.radio42.com/download.html (official website download).


Good luck !

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