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Contemporary Freeform: New Radio Format

Guest JustinSaysRadio

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Guest JustinSaysRadio

Hey guys! I have created a new radio format called Contemporary Freeform, and I have a demo. The audio demo was produced by me and my friend, Stuart, who is the DJ speaking during the first hour of this demo as well as the weather segment on the second hour.


Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uUzyTVAO1EBrIGYm9A0VW1B_dkEmGUSf/view?usp=sharing


Tell me what you think about this format and try to answer these questions about this if you can:

1. Is it a good format?

2. What level of radio markets would like this the most?

3. What are the pros of this format?

4. What are the cons of this format?


Thank you in advance!

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