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New aircheck up for critique! Your kind feeback please!


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My answer should be no ...

The reason why is that the read is not good, neither has a good quality, has background noice, has clips ...


Earlier I wrote you as reply to one of Your first posts that You have to search for a decent and good quality mic.

It looks that You are still using a kind of headset who don't gives the right quality.


I'm willing to help You, even to edit Your file ... but only if the read is made in the right way with decent gear.

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Thats already way better ...

However I wanna hear the full capability of your voice.

I always sound very critical if I hear reads from You.

I do this with a reason. I'm convinced that You have the drive to do it ... but you have to learn to make use of some of my critics to uplift your results.

I wanna hear clear "dry" reads with all the capabilities that Your voice can offer.

Once that result sounds OK, You can start to make demo's.


I made on your file some post production. Compair that file with yours.

I can do this also to your dry reads ... "however only if they are clear and clean".

Hey Kyle, thanks for your feedback! Here's a different commercial, studio quality recording, what do you think?

Radio Commercial.mp3

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Ah, I see you made it more bass. It definitely sounds cooler that way :) Thanks. I'm working on some other studio quality recordings and maybe next month or so I will visit a studio but due to costs it makes it much harder. However the recording I sent you just now was a voicoever I did in 2010. Since then I've developed as a voice artist. I would like to show off my full potential soon, when I make a studio quality recording.
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