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Hi there I'm Rodney I do a weekly modern punk and garage podcast that is on weekly

Guest Lord Prosser

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Guest Lord Prosser

I would like to cut to the chase because I let the music speak for itself :) - I'm looking to get my one hour radio show onto more stations !!!!!

Currently two Californian radios - www.kaoticradio.com and www.podunkradio.com & One French FM station ( I'm fluent in French too) www.radio-activ.com



I'm 53 (that is relevant cause I lived through stuff) I'm Rodney Prosser aka LORD PROSSER from Solihull West Midlands England and I have lived in France for 27 years.


I have had life's magic wand waved in my direction because I now have three stations playing my shows. So here is a brief view.


I have been working (for free) promoting bands for around 18 months just cause I love the involvement.


Areas of interest for promotion : Punk / Garage / New Wave style punk


I produce my shows myself and am hoping to get them heard to increase the chances of the bands being heard.


PLease take a listen to one of my shows here on the Following link



Don't hesitate to contact me if you are into having a weekly show sent to you for web or broadcast.


Thank you for reading this far.

Regards Rodney Prosser

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