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G'day from Aus

Guest YoungBendy

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Guest YoungBendy

G'day from Australia, hope you're all keeping safe with the current pandemic reigning.


A little about me: I'm a jack of all trades, currently on leave from a full-time admin position to complete some uni study.

So what fills in my time? I work part time at a local grocery store (which is a good industry to be employed in atm some say), I'm the local computer guy and also the local sound & lighting guy for events. That all keeps me on my toes, but now I want to try out doing some recording - at first I thought about recording an audiobook but after our local newspaper closed, now I'm thinking of offering some support to the local radio station!


Anyway, it's great to be here and I'm looking forward to seeing what goes on around here!


Later Gator,


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