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Voice for Two Way Radio System

Guest vincewaelti

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Guest vincewaelti

Hi, I am the IT consultant setting up a repeater system for a volunteer group of weather spotters that deploy during severe weather. It's a ham repeater.


The FCC requires ham repeaters to ID every 10 minutes while in use. I'm looking for someone to do a few voice files for me that I can use on the system. No sound effects should be added, just your voice.


I'm looking for:


1- This is the Ogle County ARES (said like aries) and Sky-Warn repeater, N 9 S T.

2- This is the Ogle County Emergency Service repeater, N 9 S T.

3- Attention all ARES (said like aries) and Sky-Warn members, there is the potential for severe weather today. Be prepared for possible activation, this is the N 9 S T Repeater.

4-An active net is in progress.


Any help would be appreciated. Credit can be given on the group website.

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