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I wont be back

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ok i am sorry for bugging you all i will NOT! be back on here nor spacial

could you please remove this account i am sure i will figure things out for myself

i am not being funny but even my family knows i am a computer wizz i have built websites

for my mums businesses in past even i have built a website for one of my old stations in past.

so gary and the team i am very sorry for upsetting you all but i MUST say


no scotspaul (paul bigham) don't

have pirated copys of sam he has moved on from sam infact he uses station playlist

i am leaving these forums to get on with my own life

i am sure i will figure things out for myself instead of keep asking


scotspaul if you do see this i am infact sticking up for you buddy

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Hey ultra89,


We appreciate you around here, we appreciate every member equally. No individual member can speak on behalf of our members or volunteers, just remember that.

Wish you the best in life, keep up your passion for radio and keep in touch with your progress if you ever decide to share your knowledge with us again.


For any member of BW suffering from mental health issues lately, please check your local government's mental health support website.






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