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voiceover needed

Guest hera

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Hi guys,


Need a voiceover with some FX on it for my live facebook please

The script should just like this :




Thank you b4, really appreciate it.

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Be honest please ...

You made at your first day December, 17, 2020 ... 11 posts including a "hello" at the introduce section.

Hello people,

Nice to be here

love it



Just enough posts to reach the mark of 10 posts to be able to request a voice-over.

After 10 days (on December, 27) You return to check if anyone has made a reply to Your post.

To Our experience that looks as a "grab and run" and is no fun at all to be at someone their service.

read only no respon at all :(
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I never grab and run if someone help me.

I used to be in radiodaddy and they help me a lot.

They never talk about how many post I did or something else.

And I never grab and run.

Too bad they've gone now.

That's why I came here.

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