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Requesting for Voiceover/Jingle


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Hi All

I am revisiting this website after many years as I retired from broadcasting. Now is the great time for me to bring back those days and as a result  seeking help if someone can do me a short intro/jingle. Last time it was a fantastic result and I still have those jingles. Unfortunately the website has changed. Below is the script. Appreciate if you can add your own version of it

  • Welcome to 24x7 tamilragum.com (its pronunciation only) Actual website is tamilragam.com.
  • you are listening live broadcast from tamilragum.com
  • tamilragum.com- live 24x7 from Australia
  • broadcasting live songs from Sydney, Australia
  • visit tamilragum.com, for your experience.
  • Station that plays 60's 80's 90's and the latest.
  • Enjoy the best of Tamil songs played 24x7
  • Request and dedicate songs of your choice from tamilragum.com
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