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troublesome Barix Instreamer

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Hello.  I am in need of help with an instreamer network IP Encoder that does not boot or report and IP address

The unit does not get an IP address from DHCP.
LED is blinking cycle is 3x red alone, then Alternate red/green 5x.
I have attempted the Serial rescue batch file with both v4.02 and v4.05 firmware to no avail.
I did also attempt to assign an IP address with
ARP -s <IP> <MAC>
telnet <IP> 1
 It also did not help.

I did notice that the Network activity lights drop out shortly after plugging in the power supply.
If I allow the unit to continue start like this, eventually the red/green light cycles will end and it will just flash green at about  1 blink per second.

What else can I do to recover this unit?  
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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