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OpenBroadcaster 5.3.1 Release


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small_blue_diamond API v2 using more modern RESTful implementation (alpha)
small_blue_diamond begin building automated testing via CodeCeption (alpha)
small_blue_diamond OB CLI tool (alpha) with "check install" function


small_orange_diamond include and configure PHP Code Sniffer (phpcs) / PHP Code Beautifier (phpcbf)
small_orange_diamond code refactoring for near-PSR12 adherence (a few issues remain to be resolved later)
small_orange_diamond code and database refactoring for naming consistency
small_orange_diamond include document generator in core code (tools directory)
small_orange_diamond update document generator to also define controller/method routes for API v2
small_orange_diamond begin migration to composer and npm to better manage dependencies
small_orange_diamond rename "emergency" to "alert" to better reflect feature usage
small_orange_diamond revise generalized storage method for UI settings
small_orange_diamond remove obsolete apitest tool
small_orange_diamond remove some PHP code maintaining database integrity and rely on MySQL foriegn key constaints instead
small_orange_diamond improved look/feel for documentation


small_red_triangle fix bug related to show deletion
small_red_triangle fix bug related to media "where used" information


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