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Stability Issues With Icecast2

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First, to put in context, I do broadcast songs using Icecast2 running on an Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
VM hosted on a Proxmox host.

I had 49 Icecast2 and EZStream instance running flawless on the VM, had to restart it only less than
once a month.

The content or tracks if you prefer is on a single 3TB HDD, the VM containing Ubuntu was on a single

I required to install a second 1TB HDD to make a RAID1 for data protection. Since that upgrade, I
remark that Icecast2 and EZStream process running on the VM keep crashing. They last only few
seconds to one minute or two minutes after they get launched.

Today, I did start only one single stream, meant a set of Icecast2 and EZStream, it ran now for more
than 14 hours without any interruption.

All the 49 streams process works just fine before, I don't think it is a capacity issue.

Also, the console is reporting that Icecast2 and EZStream process get terminated because of lack of
memory. It works just fine before on only 2GB of RAM. I increase the RAM up to 4GB just to see if it
would help and the issues are still going on.

I do capture some logs. May I post them here or on a Paste bin?



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