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Do you play local (independent) artists on your station?

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In the US there is no such thing as a "cheap" way to do it. And even if you played nothing but Independant artists, you'd still have to pay outrageous royalties! See, SoundExchange (the collection arm of the RIAA) has given themselves the power to collect royalties for ANY MUSIC PLAYED even if the artist or copyright holder ISNT a member of SoundExchange or the RIAA. If the artist or Copyright holder wants their cut, they have to join...then, after a fee, will get a percentage of the money taken in in their name. Course if they dont join...SoundExchange gets to keep that money!


Great little racket they have huh?


Apparently AM/FM radio, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, Cable Radio's playing of music has no promotional value to the labels according to SoundExchange and the RIAA. So they expect us to pay for playing anyones music. Doesnt matter whos it is, we have to pay them. Reminds me of the old Mafia sting "If you want to do business here you have to pay us protection from us!"

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